Thursday, August 7, 2008

The cheapest, yet elegant home decor tip

Yesterday I was feeling do to something adventurous, you know the tingly urge you get when you wanna do something really very badly. Well yes! thats what I mean. So thats when we decided to go to the mountains. It was sooo much fun though Im really exhausted now. Anyways we did mountain climbing, bush walking and all that. It was soo cool we got to see such rare things. Best of all whenever I go out I look for natural things which can be used for home decor and then my eye caught this really beautiful piece of grass dried up with spiky ends and so naturally shaped for a perfect vase. It was something like the sticks you get for 10 dollars to put into vases, but this was natural and there were lots of them and different kinds too.

tip: you can colour up the sticks with spray paint to match your room.

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